Back to work

Back to work

After the exciting match last week, it was back to work for the Brunie Ballers. While I would love to talk about all the exciting things we did, I am sad to report nothing all that exciting is going on.

After experiencing everything new and exciting the past few weeks, we are starting to settle into a bit of a routine. We get up early and are on the bus by 7 am, in Abrafo by 7:30am, have breakfast, get to the worksite by 8am, work, have lunch at 12pm, are back at work by 1:30pm, then get on the bus to go home by 6ish.

While we are working we are doing one of a number of things:
1. Making blocks. Like I said before, we need A LOT of blocks.
2. Building walls. The reason we need so many blocks!
3. Carpentry. To build the window frames.
4. Moving dirt. I do not think there is a single day that goes by when we don’t have to move dirt from one location to another.
5. Mix mortar for the wall builders.
6. Waiting patiently for someone to get tired of their job and being there to take over for them.
7. And of course entertaining the children.

While it is nice to be getting into a routine, it is hard sitting around so often waiting to do something useful. I guess it is just important to be ready as soon as you are needed.

I also found myself terribly missing my office. If I was back in Oxford right now I would be sitting at my desk drinking a perfect cup of coffee, checking my email on an internet as fast as lightening and complaining about the air conditioner no being turned up enough.

Yeah. Poor me in Ghana getting to help build a monument of a building. Don’t you feel sorry for me? (I hope you are all rolling your eyes!)