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Miami's Institutional Analytics (IA) team develops and supports the use of reports, data warehouses, data dashboards, analysis, and other Business Intelligence (BI) information products that give us the capability to make timely data-driven decisions across all departments and divisions. Miami uses the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) tool. BI is a recognized industry term encompassing data warehousing, analysis and reporting. IA is Miami's name for the BI related efforts here.

The goal of the IA initiative at Miami is to to support current university activities and plan for future needs. This is done by providing our faculty and staff with verifiable and accurate information using data and analysis tools. This data should be provided in a secure and effective manner. As IA is implemented at Miami, it will be a strategic resource that serves as a cornerstone in the foundation of Miami University’s success in accomplishing all aspects of its mission. (http://www.miami.muohio.edu/about-miami/office-of-the-president/mission-...)


Use the following links to access the corresponding system.

IA Production: https://ia.MiamiOH.edu/analytics/
IA Test: https://iatest.MiamiOH.edu/analytics/

Please use your Miami UniqueID and MUnet password to log into the system for basic Revenue data.

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OBIEE Author Training Request

Steps to Request Author Training

1. Request for OBIEE Author Training should be submitted via the completion of the form below.

2. The Institutional Analytics (IA) Advisory Team (not the individual data owner) will review and 'approve or deny' the OBIEE Author Training request.

3. The IA Advisory team will coordinate and schedule the Author Training.

4. The owner(s) of each subject area participates in the Author Training.

5. OBIEE access and author rights will be given to attendees who have successfully completed the Author Training.

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