This is a limited sampling of faculty and staff publications, recognition and other professional work. Major awards, etc., are found under Top Stories or Campus News.


 Patrick Haney, political science. They Teach That in College!?, published by College & Career Press March 2015

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Leland G. Spencer, Integrative Studies. Co-edited the book Transgender Communication Studies: Histories, Trends, and Trajectories, published by Lexington Books, February 2015.

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Dana Cox, Nirmala Naresh, Jane Keiser, Suzanne Harper, Beatriz D’Ambrosio, mathematics, and M. Todd Edwards, teacher education, $348,631 from the Ohio Department of Education for "Project DOVETAIL. (Developing Ownership and Vision: Empowering Teachers as Instructional Leaders)." 

Dawna Meehan, psychology, $75,000 from the Ohio Department of Mental Health for "A Multi-Tiered Evaluation of the Efficacy and Effectiveness of the FLIP IT Parent Training Model."


Yu-Fang Cho, english, women's gender and sexuality studies, and asian and asian american studies: “Reading Race and Gender in America’s Asia Beyond Multiculturalism.” Keynote lecture at the March 2015 American Literature and Culture at the Crossroads of Race and Gender Conference.

Yu-Fang Cho, english, women's gender and sexuality studies, and asian and asian american studies: “Opening Up Moving Archives: On Narrating Un/reproduction in Asian America.” Keynote lecture at the March 2015 Transnational America and the Question of Literature Symposium. 


 Theodore Wagenaar, sociology & gerontology: "Effective Program Review: The Lessons I have Learned," Footnotes. March/April 2015.

Dave Sauter, Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs. The Registrar of the Future, in The Handbook of Strategic Enrollment Management; October 2014


 John M. Jeep (German) was selected to participate in the 2015 Jack and Anita Hess Faculty Seminar: Using Film and Media to Teach about the Holocaust at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, January 5–9, 2015. Jeep's proposal was one of 20 selected from 80 submissions from the USA and Canada.

 Theodore C Wagenaar (Sociology-Gerontology) has been invited to join the Measuring College Learning Outcomes Project, sponsored by the Social Science Research Council and funded by the Gates Foundation. The project seeks to establish learning outcomes and assessment mechanisms in six majors, including sociology. 

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