This is a limited sampling of faculty and staff publications, recognition and other professional work. Major awards, etc., are found under Top Stories or Campus News.


 Patrick Haney, political science. They Teach That in College!?, published by College & Career Press March 2015

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Leland G. Spencer, Integrative Studies. Co-edited the book Transgender Communication Studies: Histories, Trends, and Trajectories, published by Lexington Books, February 2015.

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Dana Cox, Nirmala Naresh, Jane Keiser, Suzanne Harper, Beatriz D’Ambrosio, mathematics, and M. Todd Edwards, teacher education, $348,631 from the Ohio Department of Education for "Project DOVETAIL. (Developing Ownership and Vision: Empowering Teachers as Instructional Leaders)." 

Dawna Meehan, psychology, $75,000 from the Ohio Department of Mental Health for "A Multi-Tiered Evaluation of the Efficacy and Effectiveness of the FLIP IT Parent Training Model."


Liza Skryzhevska, geography: “Adaptation to Climate Change in Russia: Policymakers’ Views and Attitudes.” Presented in Chicago, IL at the April 21-25, 2015 Association of American Geographers annual meeting. 
Ziying Jiang, geography: “The spatial and temporal challenges of examining the impact of abandoned properties demolition to crimes in City of Hamilton, OH.” Presented in Chicago, IL at the April 21-25, 2015 Association of American Geographers annual meeting. 


Robert Thurston (History) (April 2015). "My Search for the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home." Men's Health.




 Theodore Wagenaar, sociology & gerontology: "Effective Program Review: The Lessons I have Learned," Footnotes. March/April 2015.


S. Burcin Bayram, physics department, received the American Physical Society's Committee on the Status of Women in Physics (CSWP) Woman Physicist of the Month award, May 2015.

Terri Spahr Nelson (Family Studies and Social Work) was awarded the 2015 Charles I. Wright Distinguished Alumna Award presented by the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin and its alumni organization, the Social Work Alumni Network (SWAN). This award is presented annually to a distinguished alum who reflects social work values and demonstrates dedication to the social work profession and a commitment to clients, public policy and/or the community.

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