Fauzia E. Ahmed (sociology)—Based on her forthcoming article in the journal Feminist Economics, Ahmed was recently invited by the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) to present her work on Islam, masculinity, and marital quality. She lived in a village to conduct her research, she presented at the panel, “Women’s Empowerment: Post 2015 Policies at the Intersection of Feminist Theology and Feminist Economics”, UNFPA New York, April 2014. In her presentation, Ahmed stressed the need for academics and UN officials to recognize that low-income men and women are also a source of knowledge. Her research findings revealed that their theories about gender equality at home include a definition of marital quality, which involves changing masculinity and specific measures to assess this transformation. Ahmed argued that such theories, which reflect feminist interpretations of Islam, should be included in scholarly debates and gender programs.

Beatriz S. D’Ambrosio; mathematics, keynote address at the 2014 Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators' Conference in Irvine, California. Entitled, "Living Contradictions: Negotiating Practices as Mathematics Teacher Educators"

Mitchell Balish, microbiology: "Mycoplasma Gliding Motility and the Illusion of Homology." Invited presentation at the 2014 American Society for Microbiology meetings, session " Prokaryotes on the Move."

 Bill Brewer, media journalism and film, featured speaker at Servpro National Conference of Regional Directors, "Consulting Skills-Partnerships and Relationships" Oct 29, Nashville TN. 

Bill Brewer, media, journalism and film presented the closing address for the 22nd Annual Conference on Libraries and the Future on " Community by Design: Innovation and Transformation-Leadership Language in Action" Oct. 25, Dowling College Oakdale, NY. 

Thomas Dutton, architecture and interior design, was invited to present a keynote talk at the Association of Architectural Educators Conference at Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, England, April 3-5.  

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