Miami University Directory - Search

Default Search

The default search will match any entries for which all parts of your search phrase appear in the common name attribute.

Explicit Search

In the event that the default search returns too many entries (the search term is a short, common string, for example), you can use an explicit search. Placing quotes (either single or double) around words in the search term will force an exact match.

Note: You can combine the default search and explicit search by placing quotes around only one word in a multiple word search phrase.

Wildcard Search

The default search automatically wildcards before and after each word in your search phrase. So searching for mit will match both mitchell and smith, for example. If you want to only match mitchell, you can use an explicit search with a wildcard (*), 'mit*' to match only words beginning with mit.

Note: Use of wildcards at the start of a search term can slow down the the search.